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I've been so busy lately. I played Moon by George Winston on piano for solo & ensemble night on tuesday, and tonight i played Schumann's Romance No. 3 on oboe. My band is recording 3 songs for a demo tape tomorrow night and hopefully that will go over okay. I think our band name is going to be "The Situation" because we're all a bunch of sick fucks and thought it would be funny to name something after Jersey Shore. Anyways my hair is a fucking mess and I need to take a shower. Also, I'm dating that idiot douchebag fuck Danny again, but this time I actually love that fucker. Well I mean, I liked him before. But he is really the cheese to my macaroni now. He is my best frand and the lahvlahvlahv of my life. Shoot me. Actually Valentine's day is coming up soon and I'm probably going to get him a ton of buffalo sauce because that's how much I hate him. But honestly I have no idea what I'm getting him. Suggestions would be nice...


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